Dear colleagues and friends,

It is a truly pleasure to invite you to actively participate in our upcoming event “13th Malang Continuing Urology Education (MCUE)” which will be held on April 15th – 18th, 2020 in Santika Premiere Hotel Malang.
This will be a great opportunity to share academic interests, strengthen friendship and to contribute towards the future development of urology services in Indonesia. Along with the progress of science and technology fast enough in medical science especially in the field of Urology, then the committee of 13rd MCUE is raised topic of “International Collaboration toward Better Urological Services in Indonesia”, which will discuss the field of Urology holistically both in the management of patients and in terms of system service.
There will be various workshop that will be held on the first day and second day of the meeting, which consist of workshop on supine PCNL and urethral reconstruction with live surgery, intensive course on prostate cancer, and workshop on urodynamics. We hope during the meeting there will be sharing of knowledge and experiences from our distinguish expert in the field of Urology thus enhancing the Urological Services in Indonesia.
Additionally, we would like to also invite you to submit your recent achievement in scientific writing in various field of Urology. The scientific committee will prepare the prestigious oral presentation and poster presentation awards
We look forward to welcoming you to the beautiful and sparkling Malang city!


Taufiq Nur Budaya
Congress Chairman

Board of Director

  • Dean of Medical Faculty, Brawijaya University, Malang
  • Director of Saiful Anwar General Hospital Malang

Board of Advisor

  • Head of Urology Department of Saiful Anwar General Hospital Malang


  • dr. Taufiq Budaya, SpU


  • Trisiwi Rahmi K., S.KM
  • Meiyamandri Trini Kalistanti, S.AB
  • Tantri Ariza Wijayanti, Amd
  • Suyanti, Amd


  • Trisiwi Rahmi K., S.KM


  • Dr. dr. Besut Daryanto, SpB, SpU (K)
  • dr. Kurnia Penta Seputra, SpU (K)
  • dr. Paksi Satyagraha, M.Kes, SpU(K)

Scientific Committee

  • Dr. dr. Basuki B. Purnomo, SpU (K)
  • dr. Pradana Nurhadi, SpU
  • dr. Aldilla Wahyu R.
  • dr. I Made Udiyana Indradiputra
  • dr. Hamdan Yuwafi Naim
  • dr. Athaya Febriantyo P.

Div. Documentations

  • dr. Rudy Eka A. P.
  • dr. Akmal Fawzi
  • dr. Harry Achsan C
  • dr. Fathan

Div. Food & Beverages

  • dr. Astarin Ardiani
  • dr. Muhammad Baihaqy
  • Suyanti, Amd
  • Tantri Ariza Wijayanti,

Div. Accomodations

  • Meiyamandri Trini Kalistanti, SAB
  • Trisiwi Rahmi K., SKM
  • dr. Yulian Salis P

Div. Transportations

  • dr. Medianto P, Sp.U
  • dr. I Gusti Lanang Andi S
  • dr. Edi Wibowo
  • dr. Agung Adithya Indra
  • dr. Mangkubumi Putra W.

Div. Public Relations

  • dr. Yulian Salis P.
  • dr. Hamid Hunaif Dhofi
  • dr. M. Miftahul Firdaus
  • dr. Fusarina Mumpuni I. A.
  • dr. Prasetyo Nugroho

Div. Equipment

  • dr. Andri Kustono, SpU
  • dr. Hikmat Satria
  • dr. Dio Mafazi
  • dr. Nyoman Gede Prayudi
  • dr. Zen Ary Prasetyo
  • dr. Rizal Trianto